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HKU CSE offers a well-developed platform for students and Fellows from across the world to interact with and to learn from each other.

Coming to its 16th year, HKU Crimson Summer Exchange (HKU CSE) continues to invite students to spend a meaningful summer with a group of native English speaking teaching Fellows from Harvard, MIT, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford and other Ivy League universities. 

Throughout the programme, students will undertake lessons delivered and developed by fellows who are expert scholars in their fields, as well as learn from their professional and life experience. Students and Fellows will also visit attractions in Hong Kong and Shanghai for cultural and intellectual exchange.

Welcome to HKU CSE

A unique Summer Programme of cultural exchange· jointly organized by The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and the charitable institution (HK Registration No.91/7798} of Crimson China Cultural Exchange Foundation (CCCEF) with its perennial theme of ''Thinking in a Global Perspective'' to nurture leaders of tomorrow for want of a better world!

HKU CSE 2019 is underpinned by the ''Teaching for Understanding Framework'' originally designed by the graduates of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and further updated by the faculty staff of HKU to make it more liberal arts-oriented and to foster critical thinking.

HKU CSE 2019 was delivered to 325 students in Hong Kong and Mainland China by 15 CSE Fellows who were overseas Undergraduates or Graduate students from the nine universities of British Columbia, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Harvard, Michigan, Oxford, Pennsylvania, St. Andrews, and Toronto. They were assisted by 15 CSE HKU Fellows.

HKU CSE 2019 comprised three parts:

(i)  From July 2 to July 7: Training of overseas CSE Fellows and CSE HKU Fellows;
(ii)  From July 8 to July 21: Shanghai CSE session at Fudan University and Wuxi; and,
(iii) From July 23 to Aug 3: the HKU CSE (HK) session at HKU.

Now in its 15th year, the CSE Programme continues in its mission of inspiring the next generation with a global perspective, innovative thinking and cross-cultural exchanges. learning is mainly achieved through daily peer-to-peer interactions in small groups.

All HKU CSE sessions had small class sizes of nine to fourteen students for program activities inside and outside the classroom. This enabled the achievement of learning goals in individual ·development and team building through interactions and free flow of ideas and reinforced communication well beyond the normal school or college curriculum.

Scholarships were given by the organizers and the local universities in our programme. This was to continue the charitable practice of the CSE Programme and the charitable nature of the CCCEF institution.

In Hong Kong, HKU CSE 2019 was attended by 225 students from 123 secondary schools in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other places. There were 60 residential places in HKU.

The administration of HKU CSE 2019 was carried out by the HKU CSE Programme staff from the Admissions and Academic Liaison Section of the University Registry of HKU. By now the world-wide CSE alumni network has over the past 16 years, grown to over 5200 students and 524 volunteering overseas Fellows, local University Fellows and Programme staff.

With the concerted and dedicated efforts of organizers, sponsors, participants and alumni we are sure that the HKU CSE Programme will further grow in 2020 and continue to achieve all of its objectives of learning and cultural exchange.

Ir. John S. Y. TSE

Chairman, CCCEF and HKU CSE Joint Organizing Committee

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