Frequently asked questions

Admission & Preparation

I’ve applied for the CSE Programme but haven’t received an email about whether I will have an interview. When will I hear back from the CSE Programme Office?

If you have received an application receipt to your email from HKU Summer Programmes, your application is currently in review, and we would like to ask your patience as our programme staff processes the applications.

The application asks for an academic transcript and a most recent class ranking. Do poor grades/ rankings affect who is accepted to CSE?

No, academic grades and ranking are only one aspect of the application review. We additionally look for the student’s activities, English proficiency and short application statements.

If I am asked to have a phone interview, what should I expect?

Phone interviews with CSE programme staff are brief conversations in English to gauge a student’s interest in the programme as well as his/her personal interests. There is no way to prepare for the interview beforehand.

I am a Mainland Chinese student applying to attend to CSE Hong Kong. How will I get a visa to attend the programme in Hong Kong?

Please follow the instructions as outlined by CSE programme email. If you did not receive this email, please contact

I am a student who is arriving from outside of the CSE programme site. Can I arrange to arrive a day/night earlier than the programme start date? Or, can I arrange to leave the CSE programmer a day/night later than the programme end date?

Special housing arrangements cannot be made for students. We ask that parents arrange that their students arrive on the first day of the programme and remain until the last day.

Can an airport/train pick up or drop off be arranged for students coming from outside of the programme site?

Airport/train pick up or drop off services are not offered to students. Please arrange your own transportation.

Are meals included in the programme fee?

At mainland China site, meals are included in the programme fee, and students are expected to eat in the school facilities. For the Hong Kong site, however, meals are not included in the programme fee. Students are expected to purchase their meals at school facilities.

In Hong Kong, how much should I expect per meal?

On average, students should expect to pay HK$30 for breakfast, HK$40 for lunch and HK$50 for dinner.

Where do CSE residential students stay?

CSE residential students live on-campus at the programme sites. CSE students should expect to share a double occupancy room with another student of the same gender.